FMG University – How to Turn Friends into Fans and Customers

Just had to share some excitement for this morning, as FMG University goes live. FMG (fun-money-good) began back in 2005 as a way to empower small businesses, experts, and entrepreneurs to get their message out via blogging and podcasting.

What I added to the mix is the marketing formula which has helped our newcomers launch shows that reach the right customer, engage them, and most importantly, focus on new media partnerships to generate revenue. Let me share the intro for you here:

Now before all my marketing friends think I’m hugging a tree, listen, because the impact of social media is impacting the way we deliver copy.  The first step is understanding that, in social media, you’ve got to create an action, then a qualified action to generate sales – 2 step lead generation as follows:

Fun – whatever you share, your audience has to find fun and want to spread, so keep an eye on the virality of your idea.  That means how many times people pass it around. Do this by focusing on questions, discussions, and open ended answers to key problems your product or service offers…

Plus, please use video as much as possible, not the Hollywood style to wow them, just something visual.  Without a visual, you’re toast…video gets them to read (remember that lesson later on, the purpose of video is to stop them from scurrying around and get them to your site to gather the information.


Money – step 2 is where many social media experts, more adept at PR, fail to close the deal.  The key here to monetize is to realize that step 1 invites people to visit, and those people are not usually the one who will buy. Think of them as the editors, the curators, the people with way too much time.

If you get this first wave to post and discuss, the next wave that comes will see the social proof, simply that someone cared enough about your idea to talk about it, object, rant, and rave.  The key is to getting them excited, so that the money end is driven by referral.

This is where it’s critical to have another friendly call to action at the beginning and end of what you are doing;  top and bottom of a blog post, beginning and end of a video, top and bottom of an email.  Your first wave of visitors will ignore this, but the resulting waves will come from referral, and then from search.

By making it fun, you drive more visits, and by giving a call to action that is light and intriguing – no marketing speak here, invite them in – you qualify those interested in being buyers from those who are just looking (the majority as in all marketing).

Do Good:  Your product or service needs to do good by your customers. If you drive them to a landing page to convert form social media, be sure you repeat the call to action on top of the page, so you keep them focused.  Mimicking your headline or key elements is good here, and give them a way to jump in deeper (like opt in for your email list, or actually buying the product with a limited time offer), and remember that your goal is to do good so they invite others.

Do good is more than a vague phrase, it’s what turns a one time customer into a long term customer.  Now take this formula and ask yourself, am I making my initial contact fun on social media?  Does it have  way to drive money that doesn’t offend the first wave of evaluators?

Finally, does it do good for my customer, and my business?

Now my question to you, how do you make your first contact fun on social media? What have you seen done well?

Posted on April 10th, by Declan Dunn in Social Media Lead Generation.