The Grateful Pivot – The Grass Is Greener Inside You (Pivot and Profit Podcast)

The Grateful Pivot – The Grass Is Greener Inside You (Pivot and Profit Podcast)

When the going gets tough, the tough get grateful, because they know the grass is always greener on the inside.

Being grateful is good for you, good for others, and can especially help so many of you who are finding … Read the rest

Facebook’s EdgeRank Compared to PageRank – An Early Point of View

Facebook’s EdgeRank Compared to PageRank – An Early Point of View

Facebook’s EdgeRank has got people buzzing, mostly about what we all don’t know. If you want an excellent overview of Facebook’s EdgeRank go here, and let me sum up just a few of the basic points before diving into … Read the rest

The Single Word Every New Entrepreneur Must Know (and Practice) – My First Pivot and Profit Podcast

Are you an entrepreneur? If you say no, here’s a wake up call.  We’re all entrepreneurs now, with jobs or actually doing the startup schtick, you have to act and respond like an entrepreneur.

There’s one word you need to … Read the rest

6 Keys To Unleashing Your Email Without Being a Spammer

Given a choice, would you prefer to email or not email?

Many, many social media people I know hate email personally, and avoid it – they  make a choice not to email. Given that so many people open emails on … Read the rest

How to Create an Interview That Generates Results & Joint Ventures

Interviews are one of the best ways to generate content and connect you to people in this world increasingly driven by social media. What I … Read the rest

Android Apps and Mobile Lead Generation – What Works and What Doesn’t…So Far

Mobile lead generation depends on it being viral and usage!

Make it Viral!

Since Android is the fastest growing mobile system, you’d think that goal number 1 for anyone is reaching those users. In looking at what’s working and what’s not, you quickly find that Android’s diversity right now is … Read the rest

Rewards Marketing for Friends and Customers – an old model in a new world of mobile and social

Rewards marketing is one of the oldest games in the business, from giving people a simple report or video for an email, to building points and leaderboards that set them apart.

In the new media world developing all around us, … Read the rest

Beyond the Flat World of Clicks – The First Measure is Referrals and Rewards

I’m afraid to share this article, because in marketing, all we do is talk about clicks, and honestly, it’s all we many marketers really believe in. I saw it at a recent AdTech, where speakers talk about the shifts … Read the rest

What’s Your Facebook Farmville Water? Why Farmville (LG>DP) is Changing Your Business Into Games with Rewards

Farmville and Cityville make tons of revenue for Zynga, and still many traditional marketers are asking how?  After all, I like many of you, don’t spend my time on Farmville, and get annoyed by the messages inviting me to play … Read the rest

Fashion Startup NewIWorld Transforms Paper Ordering into Digital Profits

As a fashion retailer purchasing from manufacturers at tradeshows, Jeremy Kierig had to order the old fashioned way, with a pen, paper, and staff to manually enter the orders weeks after the show was over.

Sound like an old 1980’s … Read the rest