Entrepreneur’s Persistence and Focus – Avoiding the ADD Excuse

Entrepreneur’s Persistence and Focus – Avoiding the ADD Excuse

Most entrepreneurs I know brag about their level of ADD, as a badge of honor.  And for some, jumping from idea to idea really works, yet it’s tough to scale that, delegate it, or pass it on, because this pseudo … Read the rest

Posted on April 14th, by Declan Dunn in Entrepreneur's Mindset.

Brevenue – How do I measure the effect of social media marketing on my business?

Most money on the Internet is still made the old fashioned way, by providing a problem to a solution.  Resolving pain for consumers is an age old process of marketing. After listening to folks at AdTech, it’s surprising that so … Read the rest

FMG University – How to Turn Friends into Fans and Customers

Just had to share some excitement for this morning, as FMG University goes live. FMG (fun-money-good) began back in 2005 as a way to empower small businesses, experts, and entrepreneurs to get their message out via blogging and podcasting.

What … Read the rest

Muhammad Yunus – Microfinance and the Power of Women Entrepreneurs

Giving back to help others is not only a founding belief of my work, I constantly seek people who put this belief into action.  Back in 2007, we helped organize a presentation by Muhammad Yunus which to this day stirs … Read the rest

Life is a state of Mind (Monday Morning Wakeup)

When you show at to work, to be creative, your state of mind influences everything.  One of the best things to do when you’re stuck, or been sitting in a chair for hours, is to get up for 10-15 minutes … Read the rest

What is affiliate marketing? (Part 1 of 22)

Google the word “affiliate” and you probably have a poor image of what this industry is, and like many things on the Internet, look at little deeper and you may find something surprising.

This series is created for those new Read the rest

Banned on Blip – The Audience is In Control, and That’s Where the Viral Power is…Where I Began

The New Media Game Starts in Blogworld…

In October, I’m sharing my first findings in 3 years, and I hope you will join me at Blogworld if you can, because I need your help.
You will find everything you are looking for here...
The New Media … Read the rest

Interview – How to Successfully Market to Women Without All the Hype — Copywriting and More with Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

I just had so much fun on an interview that I had to share it with you right now…You know there are no accidents in life, so when I was asked to stand in on the Empowered Spiritualpreneurs BlogTalkRadio program Read the rest

The 3 Myths of Outsourcing (and why you shouldn’t let $10/hour employees run your business)

As the Internet keeps growing, everyone loves to talk about how cheaply they run their business.  Ever wonder why so few talk about the results?

People get writers for $1 to write blogposts (actually great idea if you are search-engine

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