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How to Spark Partner’s Curiosity and Earn Attention by Moving Beyond Persuasion

Declan Dunn

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Chief Partnership Officer and affiliate marketing

Chief Partnership Officers, AI, and affiliate marketing

Declan Dunn on affiliate marketing, content, AI, and why brands need _Chief Partnership Officers_.mp4 NOTE: This is a lightly edited transcript of my interview with Kevin Lee of Emarketing Association.   Declan Dunn [00:00:00] If we go back to, like basic transactional analysis, you’re familiar with transactional analysis.   For people who aren’t listening, it’s […]

Science of Being Wrong

Science of Being Wrong

Why I LOVE being proven wrong, and why this is a key to success and lasting business….it’s the science of being wrong. It doesn’t matter if you think like a founder/entrepreneur, and act like an employee trying to make 1 idea work…  8 times out of 10 you are taking the wrong approach – the […]

Goal setting

Adapt and make your goals prove themselves true.

I’ve been talking with people about  what’s coming up and everyone wants this step-by-step easy way to go through business and life. I understand we need direction we need focus; we’re all in love with this idea of setting goals and what happens is the unexpected. Because when you base your ideas your business rolling […]

Mini Facebook marketing case study and Growth Generation podcast #2

What can Facebook marketing and Audience Insights teach you about growth marketing? Facebook marketing continues to grow, morph, and dominate with Google. Find out how to get Facebook marketing going, even if you don’t spend a dime on ads. Facebook Audience Insights can open doors to targeting, customers, and what your first steps should be…. […]



The Growth Generation Method

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