Entrepreneur’s Mindset

Trust is the New Currency – The True Impact of Social Media (Pivot and Profit Podcast)

Do people TRUST your business?

In the old days, like 5 years ago, trust wasn’t such a big issue, because there was a distance between you and the audience. ¬†That distance is gone, which is why trust is becoming the … Read the rest

The 3 Primal Forces of Entrepreneurs – Pivot and Profit Podcast

If you are not solving a problem, you are not relevant; if you are not a member of the market, the tribe you seek, how can you be relevant?

Seems like everyone must be an entrepreneur these days, from those … Read the rest


When Not Knowing is the Right Attitude to Take – Like Now!

Is the idea that you know what you are doing a bluff? ¬†After all, we want to be confident and assured that you, unlike ourselves, are in control, know what’s up, and can do the right thing.

Yep, sure, keep … Read the rest

Why You Resist Change When Resistance is Futile: Because It’s Your Point of View (Pivot and Profit Podcast)

It’s no longer about finding the solutions, we are the solution.

Marilyne Woodsmall, author of People Patterns Power

When most people start out in business, there is this expectation of success, that it’s like a job. Then things … Read the rest


The Fear Pivot – Why Fear Failure When Action Leads to Success? Pivot and Profit

You are an entrepreneur and you are in business for one reason, to succeed. It’s your mission, your life, or at least that’s what you tell everyone.

Then when no one’s looking, you sit and ponder how to make a … Read the rest


How do you manage stress and change? Your Emotions, Stress, and Reacting to Sensations

Remember the last time you felt stressed? Did you feel the knot in your stomach, the rapid beating of your heart, or the crimping pain in the back of your neck?

Stress does not have to control you, and we … Read the rest

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