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Culture Sculpture Podcast – The Origin Story

You want to share your story, so you begin writing it down, separate from your audience. You try to deliver something to make them notice.… Read the rest

4 Content Strategy Lessons, 50 million visitors and 20 years later

You’ve heard about building communities by creating your own content, yet look around and except for a few celebrities and Interwebs celebrities, that model doesn’t … Read the rest

Because content marketing tastes like my first cappucino in Florence


As the nutty aroma of my first cappucino enveloped my senses, I walked into Florence, Italy for the first time – eyes wide open, shaking from the coffee and witnessing the wild breeze.

Remember the first time you visited a

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“We are not only what we read. We are how we read.”


Irony Disclosure: Dr. Mani Sivasubramanian and I shared this discussion on

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4 Social Media Marketing Headlines Igniting “Attention Conversion”

I am scared to write this article, because so many people think they know what content marketing is, and how to write a headline.

I’m facing a powerful, polarizing bias based on taking sides, content versus marketing….you can’t be both!… Read the rest

Ad Industry Moving by Declan Dunn

What’s the biggest disruption in the Digital Ad and Marketing Industries?

The biggest disruption is the way people receive their information, social updates, etc….moving from a world driven by TV”s and PC’s broadcasting, to one of tablets and smart phones connecting people wherever they are, and plugging these into the bigger … Read the rest

The Growth Generation Method

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