The Basics of Facebook Advertising – ChicoStart

With the announcement of Facebook’s new advertising platform, it’s clear that the advertising between Google and Facebook is heating up. So what’s in it for you?

The purpose of this presentation is to take newcomers through a very basic … Read the rest

Content Marketing Strategy - Brevenue and the A.I.R. Your Customers Breathe

Brevenue – Leveraging the A.I.R. Your Customers Breathe

If everything is changing because of social and mobile, why do so many keep implementing an old and outdated digital strategy?

It’s like the flat earth of the Internet – where people are experts in one thing like affiliate marketing … Read the rest

Chico Authors & Publishers Society Presentation

This post includes materials shared at Lyons Book store in Chico, California.  Below are links referenced in the presentation.

fmgmagazine_banner2013FMG Magazine is one of the examples, and a Chico company started by my partner Jody Colvard in 2004.

Amazon Resources

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Interview – How to Successfully Market to Women Without All the Hype — Copywriting and More with Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

I just had so much fun on an interview that I had to share it with you right now…You know there are no accidents in life, so when I was asked to stand in on the Empowered Spiritualpreneurs BlogTalkRadio program
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The 3 Myths of Outsourcing (and why you shouldn’t let $10/hour employees run your business)

As the Internet keeps growing, everyone loves to talk about how cheaply they run their business.  Ever wonder why so few talk about the results?

People get writers for $1 to write blogposts (actually great idea if you are search-engine

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The Growth Generation Method

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