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With the announcement of Facebook’s new advertising platform, it’s clear that the advertising between Google and Facebook is heating up. So what’s in it for you?

The purpose of this presentation is to take newcomers through a very basic understanding of Facebook advertising, going through the following:

  1.  Creative – what, how, and case studies
  2.  Bidding Basics – OCPM and OCPC  
  3. Engaging The Power of Your Audience  
  4. Performance – Case Studies

Download the PDF of the presentation

Download ChicoStart-Basic_Facebook_Ads_Declan_Dunn here;  a recorded presentation will be posted in the next few days.


Much thanks to Martial Arts Mesa for letting us use their images on our case study. All images are copyright Martial Arts Mesa, and we only have permission to share them with you for purposes of this presentation.


In order to understand the basics of Facebook advertising, review the following:


Facebook Ad Sizes:





The infographic is at shows all

the current sizes, text requirements, and important facts

for you to consider when creating your ads for Facebook.





Facebook Ad Checklists:

I’m sharing the following checklists; the first one from Mari Smith, even though it is from 2013, is still relevant. Just be aware that there are constant changes ongoing with Facebook ads, yet this checklist will take you through many of the essentials you need to get started.





The bidding process at Facebook is straightforward, usually focused on OCPM (Optmized CPM or cost per 1000 impressions) and OCPC (optimized cost per click). This is recommended for beginners, though once you get to know your pricing and how to bid, you can bid a fixed price.


Perhaps the most powerful part of this process is the Audience section; here you can retarget people who visit your web pages, or order pages, wherever on your site, with an ad on Facebook. You an also upload your lists of emails or phone numbers, and those that match you can advertise to on Facebook.

Even better, you can create a Lookalike Audience, which means people similar to those you uploaded, or who visited your Web Site. This is one of the most powerful tools, and affordable, that Facebook offers.

As a Resident Mentor at ChicoStart, it’s my privilege to share this simple introduction live. I will share this on the blog once the recording is done, as a video lesson, with specific lessons around the whole nature of not just advertising on Facebook, but how this applies to the big mobile shift going on right now.

Imagine in 5 years what we’ll all think of cookies and advertising based on the old ways of looking backward at results to improve, driven by demographics more than behaviors, rather than proactively updating in real time, driven by machine algorithms. Serious wow…

PS For those who have never heard me present, here’s a favorite from archives, on email marketing that I did in Australia. The lessons in there still apply today, as does the power of email:

 (Definitely listen to just the last 3 minutes to get the importance of email)



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