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You Are What You Think – Finding Your Own Keywords

Understanding the keywords your audiences searches for to find your business is one of the most common skills online. Common sense, right?

When was the last time you found the key words you use in communicating to friends and business? … Read the rest

Content Marketing Strategy - Brevenue and the A.I.R. Your Customers Breathe

Brevenue – Leveraging the A.I.R. Your Customers Breathe

If everything is changing because of social and mobile, why do so many keep implementing an old and outdated digital strategy?

It’s like the flat earth of the Internet – where people are experts in one thing like affiliate marketing … Read the rest

Content marketing strategy begins with love and participation.

Why Loving Your Customer is the Best Content Marketing Strategy – For You and The Audience

If you don’t love your customer, someone else will.

The words and actions you engage visitors with can show your love, yet there is something even more important you can get them to do, to support and guide them.

Let’s … Read the rest

Chico Authors & Publishers Society Presentation

This post includes materials shared at Lyons Book store in Chico, California.  Below are links referenced in the presentation.

fmgmagazine_banner2013FMG Magazine is one of the examples, and a Chico company started by my partner Jody Colvard in 2004.

Amazon Resources

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Pivots and The Flat Earth Syndrome: When the Shortest Distance is Not a Straight Line

When I was learning math in school, teachers taught  a flat world based system (Euclidean), which is still taught today. Included in those lessons is the myth that the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line.

It’s Read the rest

Paradise isn't a given, it's a state of mind.

How to Avoid the 2 Worst Pieces of Advice as an Entrepreneur and Startup

A while back a question was asked on Quora (and I answered, which inspired this post),

What popular startup advice is plain wrong?

There seem to be an increasing number of startup ‘gurus’ along with more and more websites 

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