Mini Facebook marketing case study and Growth Generation podcast #2

What can Facebook marketing and Audience Insights teach you about growth marketing?

Facebook marketing continues to grow, morph, and dominate with Google. Find out how to get Facebook marketing going, even if you don’t spend a dime on ads. Facebook Audience Insights can open doors to targeting, customers, and what your first steps should be….


Facebook marketing
Facebook Insights Example

Growth Generation #2 – Podcast Highlights

  • 0:35 The old way of creating a connection with your audience, sage on the stage or expert, is being replaced by a much more grounded, me to you word of mouth campaign.
  • 1:15 This is not an intellectual expression, it’s a personal expression.
  • 1:50 We’re all growth hackers and have been since Dotcom times.
  • 2:05 Growth Generation is a strategy of growth marketing.
  • 2:20 Spraying to get customers; big numbers are yielding to quality.
  • 2:40 Case study look at a Facebook ad campaign.
  • 3:28 Facebook Audience Insights help focus, and so few use it.
  • 4:50 Look for things right in front of you, not down the road….even on Facebook..
  1. Who and What Content Marketing and SEO Keywords

The first step is where confusion often arises because it is the top, not the bottom, of the funnel. Many assume you just buy ads or put out content driven by search, and the customer is immediately ready to buy (as they are in the bottom of the funnel).

In this first step alone, it takes an average company 1-6 months to begin defining the problem, before starting to evaluate solutions. If you throw an ad or content at them, with the intention to convert them to purchase, at this stage they are not ready to make that decision.

It’s better to create steady streams of content that build search traffic. Search traffic is an ongoing asset for your company, because it delivers new visitors year after year at a much cheaper cost compared to the price of AdWords. It also begins to create those 10-20 contacts between your customer and a purchase.

By simply creating content around the keywords and topics your audience finds interesting, you can introduce yourself to the audience.

Who Dev Exercise – who should you target?


This is a life science marketing example below

5 “new” skills to add – though not all new:


  1. Basics of behavioral marketing and economics – understanding how behavior drives business. Moving to a customer point of view rather than from the business down; the customer journey is what it’s about, not driving your message down people’s feed.


  1. Social media and inbound marketing – driving groups instead of general traffic. Getting viral where possible by simply being real – the true skill to learn is being genuine in action, not just words.


  1. How to communicate in words (headlines and copy), graphics, audio, and video. Visual copy that leads to repeat behaviors and ultimately sales.


  1. How to deliver, report, and interpret data – not to promote your misguided agenda. So much Big Data and so few people – not to mention data analysts – who need more than a report to understand and adapt, instead of reacting to old data.


We have lots of data, but not lots of people who understand the long view this data demands.


  1. Creating branding to generate revenue – not as separate silos with separate intention. It’s not a world of funnels only as marketers see it, but it’s also not just a world of visibility and reach as branding often sees it.


It’s both.


Who specifically, by Job Title?

  • Mid Manager
  • Small business owner
  • Administrative Services
  • CEOs and VPs
  • HR
  • Tech

In larger companies, C-Level executives may be involved in the decision.

What Industry?  Education, Biotechnology, or Healthcare for example.

Where? Many companies are clustered around major cities in North American and Europe. Target them locally, so you know when to communicate and what style/tone will work for that market.

Moving beyond demographics into specific behaviors – repeat actions people take online and offline – leads to personalization. Start with the basics and find the 3 behaviors that turn those basics into customers.

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Adapt and make your goals prove themselves true.

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Growth marketing: What is the Growth Generation Podcast about?

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