Growth marketing

Growth marketing: What is the Growth Generation Podcast about?

What are the Growth Experiences that drive growth marketing?

Growth Generation is about creating 3 growth marketing experiences; your personal one, your outsourcers and employees and even family and friends, and the customer experience in meeting, learning, and doing business with you.

Growth Marketing – Podcast Highlights

  • 0 – 50 seconds:  the new cycles of business
  • 1:10 The Growth Experience – the business owner
  • 1:42 The next experience – outsources, employees, and friends and family
  • 2:15 Be amazed when it works, don’t expect it to work.
  • 3:00 The Ultimate Experience – the Customer Experience
  • 4:05 Loyalty is built and earned.
  • 4:50 Case studies in growth generation.

Growth marketing

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4 Content Strategy Lessons, 50 million visitors and 20 years later

I’ve been helping cure expertitis, an affliction where the person learning follows and copies someone else’s model, instead of using that to invent and execute their own model. The result is confusion, wasted time, and wilting business.

Growth Generation plants a seed in you, because you are the answer, you taking actions that you have the capability to execute. Learning by doing is the best way to learn, so why are so many stuck in the 20th century model of follow the guru?

Returning to my roots as a mentor and educator, for the past few years I’ve been developing experiential learning systems, and applying them in small and large businesses.

What is Growth Generation?

If you want to seriously grow your marketing you will need a tested, well thought out plan. This podcast serves as the framework for your plan.

When you listen to this podcast, each week you’ll have a guide showing you:

  • Who your target audience will be, and 3 specific Archetypes to focus on;
  • How you’ll reach them – what keywords and social channels work;
  • How you’ll get them to purchase (and how long it takes);
  • The experience that makes customers stay, year after year.

Skipping any part of this 3-step marketing plan will seriously impact your ability to create customers.

Maybe you’ll follow your boss’s whim, throw money at AdWords with conversion to customer rates that don’t match your 30-day results, because the audience doesn’t know you and isn’t ready to buy right now!

Growth marketing is not rocket science, but it is a simple science:

  1. Find an easily reachable audience; easily reachable with content marketing.
  2. Target them when they are ready to buy.
  3. Multi-step marketing – from first contact to eventual purchase – relies on continual building of content to create leads, SEO power, social relevance, custom audiences, and customers.
  4. The following is based on data derived from millions of visitors, as well as email and social media data to provide a clear picture.

The Plan begins and continues with content marketing; if you don’t do it, research who is doing it. Leverage content research to deeply understand your competition and learn how to differentiate yourself. But if you don’t create content, you won’t be found on search or social media or anywhere people look to before purchasing.

For the past 5 years, Growth marketing has revealed the Average Customer Journey, from first contact to becoming a customer, takes 90 Days to over a year to close. That means that your target audience is not waiting to buy, or even requesting quotes and demos because they are interested now.

They are figuring things out, like you. You need to gain their trust and guide them because only 1 out of 3 people in your funnel are even ready to purchase, or to move the purchase inside their organization to get approvals.

Here’s the way to do it, the scientific way, that begins with people.



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