How to Create an Interview That Generates Results & Joint Ventures

Interviews are one of the best ways to generate content and connect you to people in this world increasingly driven by social media. What I found in my mentoring over the past 5 years is that most people – myself included – really didn’t know how to conduct an interview, how to make it flow, and most importantly how to listen.

I’m sharing this video excerpt – focusing on  How to Create an Interview That Generates Results & Joint Ventures PDF document that accompanies this…feel free to download this and use it to set up your next interviews.

While this video whitepaper shares my viewpoint, the most important insight for me is to develop your listening skills and to ask good questions, and make the person you are interviewing feel comfortable and in a place where they can share their insights, their talents, and most importantly, helps them really let you know how it works for them.

Watch the video, you can also download the audio only version here.

I’m sure you have questions about interviewing other people, via Skype, video, etc….I’ve found that with longer interviews unless you can include some visuals, it’s best to share it as audio.  What’s your biggest challenge with interviews? Can I help shed some answers to your questions?

If you’d like to know how to use email effectively, in conjunction with this video, check out this post

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