Interview – How to Successfully Market to Women Without All the Hype — Copywriting and More with Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero

I just had so much fun on an interview that I had to share it with you right now…You know there are no accidents in life, so when I was asked to stand in on the Empowered Spiritualpreneurs BlogTalkRadio program by Sharon Wilson, to interview Lorrie Morgan-Ferrero, I could not have found a better topic or person to interview.

There is a change in the way we all market, and while it’s not just about women, Lorrie shares her approach, experience, and understanding that we need to combine the old traditions of direct marketing (what she learned and is driven by the language/style of men) with the new communication styles of interacting, collaborating, and being subtle in marketing (what many term the female style, though I think this is changing in all copy).

Lorrie covers how to market to women without all the hype including:

  •   Why the marketing we’ve used for nearly 100 years finally needs an update (and how to make YOUR marketing more effective);
  •   The 5 easy factors that must be present at all stages of marketing to women (skip just one of them and you’re likely to lose her loyalty forever);
  •  What her innermost values are so you can tailor your marketing and language for long-term connection (HINT: if you’re trying to sell hamburgers to vegetarians, you’re barking up the wrong tree);
  •  Exactly how to win her back if you’ve made major mistakes in the past (we can’t change what was, but we can sure repair what IS);
  •     Hypnotic tactics that move her toward taking action to what you want NOW (signing up for your newsletter, buying a product, hiring you…whatever your goal is, Lorrie can show you how);

Check it out and let me know what you think…


PS  You can check out what was offered on the call to listeners here.

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