Life is a state of Mind (Monday Morning Wakeup)

When you show at to work, to be creative, your state of mind influences everything.  One of the best things to do when you’re stuck, or been sitting in a chair for hours, is to get up for 10-15 minutes and stretch, breathe, do something you love…or just walk away for a new point of view.

This video is inspired by one of my favorite movies, Being There, where a simple gardener becomes adviser to the President because of his simple approach to life:

As a gardener, he doesn’t know anything better then to plant seeds in the spring, and be patient awaiting the harvest.  This simple thought blows everyone’s mind, seeing in his simple approach the keys to recovering from a bad economy.  And in today’s chaotic world, it’s good to remember that your point of view, that how you see it all, is a state of mind.  And just as easy as it is to be cynical, it’s that simple to see something good.
Because as the movie says, life is a state of mind.

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