Jack Canfield's The Success Principles


“Whatever your own answer, this a Web site that will educate you, move you to tears, and leave you with great hope.” GNN

 WIRED:  “Stands alone as a serious and illuminating stop on the Web.”

Ellen Stiefler

Ellen Stiefler

Advisory Board Member

Ellen was a client of Declan’s

There is no question that Declan is the Master of Internet Marketing and using Blogs and Viral Marketing to achieve results…he wrote the book on it and he is brilliant and effective.

You should also know that Declan is much more than just an Internet Marketing genius. He is a man of integrity and compassion who puts a lot of effort into helping the world and the people in it through his good works. It’s an honor to know and work with Declan. I wish everyone could have that opportunity.




Tushar Bhatnagar

Vice President, Marketing at Crowdstaffing

Tushar was a client of Declan’s

Declan is a knowledgeable marketing coach with the ability to craft strategic and tactical strategy across the entire breadth of the Marketing function. It was great working with him as a coach and a consultant. I recommend taking him on to help solve key marketing challenges in your company.


Patrick Carroill


Patrick Carroll

Patrick worked with Declan 

Declan’s wealth of experience and jargon-free insights will help you come to understand your own business better. In the sometimes-insular environment of new product development, he ensures that your offering remains market-focused with an eye towards how it is actually being perceived and adopted.

Over the past 15+ months, Declan has contributed scores of hours of his own time in providing everything from raw inputs to coaching to prospective leads to the simple encouragement that even the most seasoned entrepreneurs need to hear. I cannot thank him enough for his generosity and advocacy.


Michael Thathuvaswamy

Chief Executive Officer at Kinixsys

Michael was a client of Declan’s

Declan at Simply Responsive helped us put our organization on the map in our domain and achieved that at a relatively short time. He is a master digital marketing strategist and also a resource with vast knowledge in helping shape up the course of an organization for acquisition. I highly recommend Simply Responsive to any organization, especially startups, that are looking to get a grip on their marketing efforts.


Bitesize Bio

Nick OswaldNIck Oswald Bitesize Bioi

Managing Director at Bitesize Bio

2015, and 2017 again,

Nick was a client of Declan’s

Declan consulted for us on transforming the way we reach out to our audience and commercial partners on BitesizeBio.com.

He was like a whirlwind, bursting with support, ideas and wisdom.

After the whirlwind had passed our whole team’s viewpoint on how we should and could present ourselves to the world had changed. Months later we are still assimilating all the value he gave us to chew on.

Once we’ve done that, we’ll definitely be working with Declan again.


Kenneth VogtKenneth Vogt

Turning business founders into business leaders

2015 and in 2017, Kenneth worked with Declan

Back in 1997 I discovered the internet and more specifically e-commerce. There was nothing back then – no platforms, no SAAS, no frameworks, and no tools.

Even if you could build something, there was nothing in the way of guidance to make your new creations known to the world. But then a few trailblazers arrived. They were people like Jeff Bezos (of Amazon fame) and, you guessed it, Declan Dunn.

I followed Declan for years as he first figured out and then shared with the world how to make the internet make sense from a marketing standpoint. He didn’t just learn how to use the internet to communicate, he was one of the pioneers who created the methods we all use today.

Whether it is content marketing, search, email, or social media, Declan has been there from the beginning, founding the best practices used by everyone who is succeeding.

After many years of admiration, I finally had the opportunity to work with Declan directly when I brought him in to help one of my clients. We asked him to do let’s call it X. What he did was X, Y and Z, and a little A, B and C, just because he overdelivers in his sleep. Months later we are still implementing all of the practical guidance he gave us.

On top of all that, he is a great guy to work with. He’s funny and upbeat, smart and yet humble. I can’t wait for our next opportunity to work together again.




Vanessa Campbell

Worked at Sprott Money project

Vanessa was a client of Declan’s

Declan was brought on board to develop and transform Sprott Money Ltd.’s e-commerce platform and online marketing initiatives such as affiliate marketing, social media, and SEO.

His expert knowledge and advice on evolving online marketing trends and strategies was clearly evident throughout all his work. His ongoing research and education of Sprott Money’s specific needs was consistent and reliable. He was punctual and attentive to all our web marketing requirements, particularly when our deadlines were approaching. And he did this all with a constant smile on his face.

Declan Dunn understands the online marketing world like no other. He is passionate in what he does and it shows in his top-quality work. He has my highest recommendation in all your online marketing needs.


Nazya Ayaz

Fashionpreneur & Strategist

 Nazya worked with Declan

Declan is an amazing speaker. His engaging, thought provoking and no-nonsense attitude towards internet marketing makes him a well-respected authority in his field. During my research work with Declan, he contributed significantly by sharing innovative ideas, invaluable nuggets of information on topics and bringing his vibrant personality to the speaker faculty. If you want to draw a big audience to your event, Declan is a must have on the programme.



Scott Martineau

CEO/Owner at Conscious One, Inc

Scott was a client of Declan’s

Declan helped us at a critical time in our development as a new entity. He was our eyes and ears to what was really happening in the email and affiliate world of the internet. He delivered the industry knowledge and experience it would have taken us years,and more $$$ to obtain ourselves. He can help you avoid unneccessary expenses and focus on where the internet is headed not where’s it been.


Chaz Berman

Chief Executive Officer and Board Member at Grower’s Secret, Inc. with locations in HI and CA.

Chaz worked with Declan

Declan is a leader in using the internet to return investment fast. He knows how to accelerate your processes and techniques to produce results that will surprise even the most experienced. And he does it FAST. If you need a revenue boost, more registrations, help with affilates or any internet malaise, call Declan now.



Jack Canfield's The Success Principles


Finally, here it is the magnum opus! Thanks for all your support in helping me get through the year I was writing this.

I appreciate all your great ideas and offers of support. You have a huge heart.

May these ideas help you make 2005 the greatest year ever!”

Jack Canfield


UC Santa Barbara

Created and taught experiential business education course at UC Santa Barbara 2001-2004.

Declan Dunn at UCSB



Gloria Borza — Network Solutions

“Declan helped us get a better handle on our reseller channels, with a defined methodology that delivered predicted, high-quality results.”
-Gloria Borza
Acquisition & Affiliate Marketing, Network Solutions

Kathryn Wardell — eBags

“Declan’s global perspective on the Internet affiliate marketing space proved invaluable in the planning and subsequent launching of our affiliate program. Dunn helped us define our market and develop a strategy for attracting and retaining affiliates. He also provided several valuable “dos and don’ts” — items we otherwise would have learned the hard way. As when embarking on any new business endeavor, working with the established experts in the field is a critical (and economical) key to success.”
-Kathryn Wardell
Director of Business Development, eBags