characteristics of an entrepreneur

The 3 Primal Forces of Entrepreneurs – Pivot and Profit Podcast

If you are not solving a problem, you are not relevant; if you are not a member of the market, the tribe you seek, how can you be relevant?

Seems like everyone must be an entrepreneur these days, from those … Read the rest


The Fear Pivot – Why Fear Failure When Action Leads to Success? Pivot and Profit

You are an entrepreneur and you are in business for one reason, to succeed. It’s your mission, your life, or at least that’s what you tell everyone.

Then when no one’s looking, you sit and ponder how to make a … Read the rest

Everything you want to know about being an entrepreneur but were afraid to ask.

The 3 Key Habits to Success for Entrepreneurs – Pivot and Profit Podcast

Think you’re an entrepreneur? ┬áDo you have the passion to go the distance and share that with others? What about the boring stuff, the organization and delivery of a business that creates replicatable, predictable results?

This podcast is inspired by … Read the rest