The New Media Game Starts in Blogworld…

In October, I’m sharing my first findings in 3 years, and I hope you will join me at Blogworld if you can, because I need your help.
You will find everything you are looking for here...
The New Media Game is a business point of view, built on a foundation of the traditional Internet (search, email, and advertising), to systems that integrate social and mobile media not through technology, but through the right message that gets people to spread the word.
Because the Internet has never just been a bunch of connected computers, it’s the people behind those computers who are controlling…in fact, in the 3 Case Studies I’m going to share, there will be some hopefully helpful advice on how to build a system for your business that adapts to the new, “customer control”…because they are in control, and that’s a good thing.
The New Media Game is what I believe we all play, and in the days leading up to Blogworld, I want to first explore where the business fits into the social media structures, and the evolving mobile world that is taking us away from sitting in front of computers.
Now all you do is Social – Mobile – Viral….even if you are still doing the same thing you did a few years ago.  Because your customers are shifting away from a world defined mostly by Google, and into a new world (which if Android succeeds, might be defined by Google)…
The premise of my presentation is:
How to Turn Friends into Fans and Customers:
Combining User Generated Content, Intentional Communities,
and Lead Generation into a Business That Generates Profit
How do you stand out, work less, and get those vaunted social communities, and people, to actually create quality content that turns your idea into a business instead of a time-sucking hobby?
By turning your community – whether a social network or a simple blog with comments –
into a business system that allows you to contact, influence, and gain the
trust of your audience, so you can generate results.
In this presentation we’ll share results, for the first time, from 3 case studies:
and in the next few weeks I’ll be sharing a free video series here, updating some of my approach while has always been focused on the customer, and nothing else.
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