The Grateful Pivot – The Grass Is Greener Inside You (Pivot and Profit Podcast)

When the going gets tough, the tough get grateful, because they know the grass is always greener on the inside.

Being grateful is good for you, good for others, and can especially help so many of you who are finding the current chaos and economic challenges a reason to feel bad, to compare yourself to others.

Feeling bad is a choice, just like being grateful is a choice; it’s always your choice, and is not dependent on what you have or what you lack. As my mentor taught me years ago, you have everything you need right now to do whatever you want to do, it’s your choice to approach life this way.

The Personal Pivot to Gratitude

Now the saying goes, the grass is always greener on the other side, and in my life I have not found that to be true. Not saying I haven’t spent my early business years in competition, trying to be better than others, and at times being envious of what I perceived they had, the success, and the things I thought I wanted.

Then in my early entrepreneurial career I met my first major business cataclysm, I lost it all, everything, and just spent about a month feeling sorry for myself. Seriously, it was a way of life for those 30 days…

Then a friend came up to me during this pity party, looked deep into my eyes with his wisdom earned in life, and blew my mind by saying…

That was the best thing that ever happened to you!

I thought he was nuts, and I told him so. Look at my mistakes, look at what others are doing, I just lost everything in this business and now I’m struggling, and you want me to say it’s the best thing that ever happened!

He smiled at me and in his own way, calming me down by sharing…

Once you accept that, you can move on; what you’re doing now keeps you stuck in that moment. If you let that moment define your life, you lose. If you let that moment lead you to new possibilities, you win. It’s your choice.

My Grateful Pivot

Looking at what others have, comparing yourself to them, will always lead to a brighter picture of what someone else has and is doing, if you choose to look at it that way.

How you act and how you live is your choice, and practicing gratitude for everything that is going on is what it’s all about. Forgive everyone if you can, and especially forgive yourself when you make mistakes, when times are tough.

Most important to me, look at what you have and stop the comparisons. It’s a dead end that you are designing so you don’t have to take responsibility. When my friend shared his thoughts, it took me years to crawl out of the challenges I was in, and since then more things have come and gone.

In my business I have become more grateful when things are going good, and more understanding when things aren’t doing well. While I’m not means perfect at it, the practice is what makes you perfect, perfect as you are…

What Remains is the Pivot to Being Grateful

Let me suggest a different point of view, one that took me many years to learn, and I’m still learning it.

  1. You do not live in comparison to others, you live a unique life.  Life is a gift, AND a limited time offer. Inside you is the greener grass, growing and learning.
  2. Everything that you bring to the table is there to guide you, even when times are tough. Even when you make a wrong choice, every day is another chance to turn it all around.
  3. The worst thing you can do is start looking outside for answers, trying to be like this person or that person.

Being yourself is the biggest challenge of all, which is why I’m saying the grass is greener inside of you.  It all begins with being grateful, pivoting from looking outside to being thankful and appreciative for what you have…

And I’m so grateful for you taking the time to read, listen, and put this into action in your life. For the many who live the Grateful Pivot, help someone out who isn’t quite there this weekend, reach out, and let them know you are grateful, and ask them what they are grateful for…

Being grateful isn’t just a feeling, it’s a way of looking at life, and your own green grass.

What are you grateful for today?  What’s your green grass? Ask yourself this at the beginning and end of each day at least, and I can guarantee you’ll shift to amazing changes.

Share your thoughts below and we can explore, together, the practice of being grateful….

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