Goal setting

Adapt and make your goals prove themselves true.

I’ve been talking with people about  what’s coming up and everyone wants this step-by-step easy way to go through business and life.

I understand we need direction we need focus; we’re all in love with this idea of setting goals and what happens is the unexpected.

Because when you base your ideas your business rolling it out simply on goals and something comes up a lot of times people will try to prove the goal right and what I mean by that is something comes up and you learn to adapt but instead of adapting some people say wait….

this is my goal I’ve got to prove it

This is just part of proving process and what I’ve really found in growth generation particularly which is what I work on with people.

I sit down in an unconventional setting and develop a custom solution for them that ties together the way that they communicate with people their messages and how they build their tribe.

Their audience how they really connect with people so while that’s all good you want to set those goals don’t get me wrong goals give you a direction and a focus what they also can do is get you so overly focused on what’s working that you don’t pay attention to what else might work because here’s what I’ve learned from doing this business for way too long….

the first idea you have rarely is the right one.

In fact if it is successful right away a lot of times it’s not a good sign because it can’t stay most businesses build growing slowly but surely and building up and what I want to share with you today is not that have those goals to be something as not having a direction but to not let the goals be the definition of your business.

Because when you go out and start adapting, you’ll see it’s not a straight line – it’s not step by step = I wish it was but it never ever is.

Look at any business, Google began by doing search but they didn’t really get big till they bought a company and created AdWords.

Pinterest began almost as a shopping cart and turned into one of the best visual tools. Rarely

is your first idea right; rarely is your goal necessarily aligned with the best way to do things and all I wanted to say in growth generation is it’s all about growth.

It’s all about adapting growing and seeing what you can do better and improving it and adapting your goals every 90 days.

Or whatever period allows you to test a goal before following the goal…

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